• WL.7.1.NM.A.4 - Identify familiar people, places, and objects based on simple oral and/or written descriptions.

    ¡Hola chicos! Please click on the links below. You don't need to submit work after you have completed the activities. Open the First Grade pages on the left for the prior classes' activities for extra (optional) fun!

    I miss seeing you and would love for you to send me pictures of you learning Spanish! Include your name and your classroom teacher:  jnilson@wtps.org.

    First, watch Srta. Nilson read aloud to you the book, Say Hola to Spanish!


    Days and Months/Los días y los meses

    Image result for days of the week in spanish and englishImage result for months in spanish

    Sing along with Viewpure lunes is Monday or, if that link doesn't work, YouTube lunes is Monday (please Skip Ads).

    Sing along with Siempre Spanish's Viewpure days of the week or YouTube days of the week.  

    Watch Calico's Viewpure months or YouTube months.

    Play Which one?, clicking on the pictures of the English words for the days to hear what they are in Spanish before selecting the answer.

    Play the easy version of Match. If you'd like, play again to see if you can beat your time!  Then refresh the page and select the hard version for the months.  Then play Which one? 

    Take a fun, 5 minute stretching and movement Viewpure Hula break  or YouTube Hula break!

    Also, if you have extra time, watch this PBS Learning Media's adorable version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!  You do not need to understand every word, but you will be surprised at how much you learn!  If you watched that last class, you can watch it again, and/or watch Goldilocks Making Soup!