• WL.7.1.NM.A.4 - Identify familiar people, places, and objects based on simple oral and/or written descriptions.

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    Bonjour, 5th graders! Please click on the links below.  You do not need to submit work after you have completed the activities. Open the Fifth Grade pages on the left for the prior classes' activities for extra (optional) fun!

    First, watch Madame Nilson's instructions.  

    If you would like to submit a video saying hello in French, or saying any other French words, or singing the Bonjour song, scroll down and click the green plus sign on this Flipgrid page. Include your first name (English or regular first name) ONLY (no last names!) and your classroom teacher. You will need to log on to Flipgrid using your Microsoft 365 school account (click Log in with Microsoft).  

    I miss seeing you and would love for you to send me pictures of you learning French! Include your name and your classroom teacher:  jnilson@wtps.org.

    Sing Basho and Friends' Viewpure Bonjour or, if that link does not work, YouTube Bonjour (please Skip Ads). 

    Complete all of the practice activities below before you play the Quizzizz game at the bottom of page.

    Please study the Quizlet flashcards until you are confident that you know the vocabulary.  Make sure your volume is turned up, so you can hear and repeat the French words. Click on the card to turn it over to study the answer.

    Note:  You do NOT need to have a Quizlet account and you do NOT have to sign in.  You can just "x" out of those boxes if they appear and close them and continue playing.

    Then play Match until you have beaten your time at least twice!

    If Quizlet doesn't work properly, and/or if you would like extra practice: 

    Greetings:  Digital DialectsLanguages online *you may need to unblock pop-ups at top right of screen in address bar, then click to enable Adobe flash, then Allow.

    Introductions: Languages online

    Colors:  French Minute and Languages Online

    Classroom:  classroom object - click on the French words on the left to listen and repeat and read the English translation on the right, as well as these classroom objects - click on Listen below the words to listen and repeat. 

    Play the Quizziz solo practice (green rectangle on the right side of the page).  Again, you do NOT need an account to play!

    Extra fun for students AND parents/ guardians for learning any language!  Duolingo AND Busuu are both free language learning sites and apps!

    If you have a Margaret Heggan library card, they bought us two expensive language learning apps!! Mango and Rosetta Stone.   Just type in your library card number!! :)  Or you can go directly to the Margaret Heggan website, go up to Research, click on the drop down arrow and click on Language Learning, then select Mango or Rosetta Stone.

    Another fun, optional challenge (:

    Folktales that you already know are recorded in Spanish (also offered in French, German and even Italian!).  Listen to the audio, read along under it in French, then hit translate for each English translation.  You can read the paragraph first, then the English, then listen and read at the same time.  You don't need to understand every word to enjoy it!  Look for the cognates (words that look/sound the same in English) and words that we already learned.