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    Before we start let's watch a couple of videos about drawing simple super heroes. You do not have to watch all of these videos, you may pick and choose what you would like to check out:


    How to Draw Spiderman:


    How to Draw Superman:


    How to Draw Wonder Woman:


    How to Draw Super Girl:


    How to Draw Captain America:


    How to Draw Iron Man:


    This Only For Fun.

    SO HAVE FUN!!!!



      Here are a few examples of super heroes that you may choose to draw:

    bat girl     incredibles   super g

    capt 3       thing     Thor


    turtles     batman



    Here are some drawing examples:


     captain                   super girl   


     wonder              spider man



    If you feel like it, instead of drawing the super heroes above you might want to try drawing some classic super heroes.These are a little harder to draw but are just as fun.


    How to Draw Classic Super Heroes:





    captain 2            Iron Man


           super man   Have fun creating your Super Heroes!