• Can you imagine being completely deaf and yet being able to write beautiful music?  Beethoven must have been devestated when he learned he was going deaf.  However, he had a lot of perseverance in his life and he didn't let deafness stop him from doing something he loved - enjoying and composing music.  It is said that he sawed off the legs of his piano so the piano just rested on the floor.  He could then feel the vibrations of the notes by standing next to it with bare feet.  Today, let's examine how he made his music imitate inanimate objects.  (Inanimate means something that is not alive).  He composed his music to sound like a metronome.  Google the word "metronome"to find out some information on this mechanical device that was invented to help musicians keep the beat of the music.  Follow the link on the page to hear how several composers tried to make their music sound like objects that were not alive. Music that Sounds like Inanimate Objects Then visit my Padlet page to tell me one new thing you learned today either about a metronome or the music of these famous composers.  Grade 5 Padlet Response