• WL.7.1.NM.C.C.7 - Learning about age and developmentally appropriate content that is of high interest to students and has a direct connection to the cultural contexts of the target language cultivates an awareness of the shared human experience. 

    ¡Hola chicos! Please click on the Puerto Rico as well as the Cinco de mayo links below. You don't need to submit work after you have completed the activities. Open the First Grade pages on the left for the prior classes' activities for extra (optional) fun!

    First, please watch Srta. Nilson's instructions.

    Please keep those videos and pictures coming! I miss you and love seeing you learning Spanish! Include your name and your classroom teacher:  jnilson@wtps.org.

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    Ecotourism in Puerto Rico

    Watch the folktale of Puerto Rico's national animal:  Viewpure Story of the Coqui or, if that link doesn't work, YouTube Story of the Coqui (please Skip Ads).

    Listen to a real, live coqui and another coqui (you only need to listen to the first few seconds, or more if you'd like!).

    Sing Viewpure coqui song or YouTube coqui song. As you listen to that song, open the Coqui song lyrics; sing along and read the English translation.

    Learn about El Yunque on this Viewpure CNN link or YouTube  CNN clip.

    Listen to the Viewpure El Yunque rainforest or YouTube El Yunque rainforest. (again you need only listen for a few seconds; unless you want to keep it on for relaxing background nature sounds!)

    Cinco de Mayo  Cinco de mayo card template with mexican hat and Vector Image

    Watch PBS kids' Viewpure video clip or YouTube video clip.

    Celebrate with Viewpure Sesame Street or YouTube Sesame Street.

    Be creative and artistic with these symbols of Mexican culture, including the flag!  ONLY color what comes up on the link; do NOT search the site for other pages. Notice on the bottom right of page, you can choose paint brushes, crayons, markers or tubes!