• We have a treat for you today.  Before school closed back in March, I had arranged for Mrs. Chropka's daughter Grace to visit our music classes.  Mrs. Chropka is our guidance counselor and her daughter plays the harp.  Grace was planning to bring her harp into school so you could see the instrument and watch her play.  Since she is unable to do that at this time, she was gracious enough to make a video so we can watch her play while we sit in the comfort of our own homes.  A harp is an extraordinary instrument.  It stands about 6 feet tall and has 47 strings.  The harp is taller than me!  Grace also made a small PowerPoint to give you some interesting facts about her instrument.  Leave me a message on my Padlet page and tell me what instrument you think the harp sounds like. Grade 3 Response Padlet

    Harp Video

    Harp PowerPoint