• WL.7.1.NM.A.4 - Identify familiar people, places, and objects based on simple oral and/or written descriptions. 

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    Please watch Srta. Nilson's instructions.  Make sure you read this entire page before you leave today!

    Please click on the links below.  You do NOT need to submit work after completing the activities.

    Relax with Viewpure Mindfulness or YouTube Mindfulness.  Notice the words "Inspira, espira" mean the same as when I say to you in class, "Inhala, exhala."

    Image result for spanish body parts

    Body parts/Los partes del cuerpo

    Sing along and act out these adorable songs:

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes 

    Mindymarissa's Viewpure version or, if that link doesn't work, a YouTube version  (please Skip Ads). 

    Calico's Viewpure song or YouTube song.

    Click on the words to repeat and learn body parts with this ballerina.

    Play this Match game.

    Click on the correct picture of the body part you hear in this game.

    Click on the blue box that says Full Tutorial to learn parts of the body, and the head, then click Start Tutorial.  Click the blue arrow that says Play for  Four in a Row and Sow Grow for the body parts Four in a Row and Sow Grow for the head.

     If you want some extra fun (optional), watch this PBS Learning Media's adorable version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!  You do not need to understand every word, but you will be surprised at how much you learn!

    Extra fun for students AND parents/ guardians for learning any language!  Duolingo AND Busuu are both free language learning sites and apps!

    If you have a Margaret Heggan library card, they bought us two expensive language learning apps!! Mango and Rosetta Stone.   Just type in your library card number!! :)  Or you can go directly to the Margaret Heggan website, go up to Research, click on the drop down arrow and click on Language Learning, then select Mango or Rosetta Stone.

      Sing Along with some or all of your favorite songs from when we were in school together! (optional). 

    Jose-Luis Orozco's Viewpure greeting song or YouTube greeting song.

    Basho & Friends' Viewpure greeting song or YouTube greeting song

    Viewpure numbers or YouTube numbers.

    Super Simple español's SafeYouTube 1-7 song or YouTube 1-7 song. 

    Sonrisas' Viewpure colors or YouTube colors

    Act out Head, shoulders, knees and toes

     Learn Sonrisas Sign and Spanish colors.  

    Learn Viewpure Baby Shark in Sign or YouTube Baby Shark in Sign.

    Sing Viewpure Baby Shark in Spanish or YouTube Baby shark in Spanish.

    Viewpure Bate, bate chocolate or YouTube Bate, bate chocolate.

    Viewpure Do you like broccoli ice cream? or YouTube Do you like broccoli ice cream? 

    Kidz Bop YouTube Señorita song or Viewpure song.

    Another fun, optional challenge (:

    Folktales that you already know are recorded in Spanish (also offered in French, German and even Italian!).  Listen to the audio, read along under it in French, then hit translate for each English translation (or click on Translate All.)  You can read the paragraph first, then the English, then listen and read at the same time.  You don't need to understand every word to enjoy it!  Look for the cognates (words that look/sound the same in English) and words that we already learned.