Week 9: May 18th-21st, 2020 Lesson


       esst workers


    Saying Thank You to Essential Workers


    Please remember, include your first and last name, teacher's name, and grade when you email me. Thanks!  

    Students are also being asked to submit their picture using FlipGrid  https://flipgrid.com/51e6a30b).  



    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's First Grade Online Lessons:


    Thanking Our Essential Workers:

    This week we will be completing a Positivity Project that focuses on gratitude, especially for our essential workers. We have been asked to participate in making pictures of our first responders (police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, etc.) in Washington Township that will be included in a district-wide slide show. 


     Thank you Ess Workers


    Before we start, let's watch a couple of videos about drawing simple Essential Workers. You do not have to watch all of these videos, you may pick and choose what you would like to check out:


    Essential Workers


    How to Draw Health Heroes-Doctors and Nurses:



    How to Draw Construction Workers:



    How to draw a Postal Worker:



    How to Draw a Nurse:



    How to Draw a Firefighter:



    How to Draw a Police Officer:



    Essential Worker Heroes:



                                                                                                  THANK YOU.

    Ess Workers 2


    Please read through instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper vertically or horizontally depending on your picture and the message you would like to say.
    • Carefully draw your Essential Worker in the center of the paper. (See examples)
    • Draw your Essential Worker large enough so that your hand can not cover it.
    • Think of about the details you would like to include in your drawing as the video demonstrated.
    • Include a message of encouragement or gratitude on your drawing in addition to your Essential Worker. (See examples).
    • Once you are done drawing your Essential Worker, color your character in completely as well as the background. This is important for the grade on your project!!
    • You may use any colors you would like.
    • You may color your Essential Worker in crayon, magic markers, water color, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home).
    • Use bright colors to color in the background.
    • Color the message in a different color than the background. 
    • I can't wait to see the your way of saying "Thank You to Essential Workers"!
    • Remember: once you are finished with your artwork, take a picture of it and email it to rherzog@wtps.org. Include the students name and teacher's name and grade. I cannot grade artwork that does not have this information. I will post it on Bells Online Art Gallery.
    • Students are also being asked to submit their picture using FlipGrid  https://flipgrid.com/51e6a30b). 


      Here are a few examples of Essential Workers that you may choose to draw:


          Ess Workers Photo        Stands Together



    comm Helpers


    Here are some examples to say Thank You!:


    Hero Quote 1                  Hero Quote 2



       to all thank you.                          Thank you






    Here are some drawing examples:


       Police                Nurse                      We Value Your Protection                                          Frontline Hero



          heroes frontline   


    Have fun creating your "Thank You for Essential Workers!"