• 5th Grade Orchestra Enrollment Letter & Form

    Dear Parent/Guardian,                                               

    Your child is about to finish their first year of string lessons and orchestra.  I want to congratulate both you and your child for a successful first year of music lessons! I hope your child had a phenomenal time learning how to play their instrument, and wish they continue to pursue their education on their instrument further. The following sections of the letter contain information about 5th grade orchestra. At the bottom of the letter will be an online form to enroll in orchestra lessons for your child’s 5th grade year. Please fill out the form to inform me if you are continuing enrollment or if you are not continuing enrollment in the orchestra program.  

    • Like 4th Grade Orchestra, lessons are once a week.
    • 5th grade string students are role models for the 4th grade string students.
    • If your child is interested in playing in band, they can take both band and string lessons.
    • I do not teach band, only orchestra
    • In 4th grade students learn the basics of playing their instrument, in 5th grade that knowledge is deepened, and the students learn more challenging and exciting techniques and pieces of music.

    Please think carefully about having your child continue to take string lessons in 5th grade.  The challenging and rewarding aspects involved in learning to play an instrument are proven to encourage problem solving skills; higher level thinking; and promote self-confidence.  Thank you for your time and support, I look forward to working with your children next year.

    Click here to complete the 5th Grade Orchestra Enrollment Form


    Mr. Smith

    4th & 5th Grade Orchestra Director

    Bells, Wedgewood, Hurffville, Thomas Jefferson, and Whitman Elementary Schools


    856-227-1103 ext. 4119