• Explanation of Changes to 2020-21 School Calendar


    At ther July 28, 2020 public meeting, the Board of Education accepted the revised School Calendar for 2020-21. The following is an explanation of the shifts that occurred:


    • The first day for students is now September 8th to accommodate 4 days of in-person instruction (2 days for Cohort A and 2 days for Cohort B) that week.
    • The first day for teachers is now September 1st.
    • September 1, 2, and 3 are now in-service days (including 1 prep day).
      • This is one additional in-service day at the beginning of the year than the previous calendar.  This was achieved by moving the October 21st in-service day.  That day is now cancelled.
    • All early dismissal days on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays have been cancelled to ensure that all students receive the appropriate amount of instruction.
    • Elementary Parent Conferences and Secondary In-Services have been moved to Wednesdays, as specified. These will be conducted on an early dismissal as follows:
      • Elementary Teachers will conduct virtual parent conferences all day.
      • Secondary Teachers will provide remote office hours and supports in the morning (AM) and participate in virtual PD in the afternoon (PM).
    • Early dismissals on November 23rd and December 23rd remain.  Though these are remote days (Wednesdays), teachers will end their day according to their grade span’s early dismissal schedule.
    • High School mid-terms and finals are canceled.
    • We now will provide remote instruction on snow days; therefore, there are no longer snow days built into the calendar.
      • Because of this, as well as the shift in student and in-service days, the last day for students is now June 17th and the last day for teachers is June 18th.
    • Total teachers days (187) and student days (180) remain the same.


    All of this assumes we are providing hybrid instruction.  Should we return to our normal in-person instruction, a new calendar will be developed for the remaining days/months.