Pre-Calculus 2020-2021 School year

  • Welcome to Pre-Calculus!


    What to expect this year:

    As you know this year will be different than any year we have had before. I want you to know that I am working with the other Pre-Calculus teachers to make this school year as productve as we can. You can expect to have to watch Ed Puzzle Videos for a lot of the class notes. Mrs. Heinbaugh and I will be making the videos and you will be expected to take the notes from the videos. I have used Ed Puzzle before and it is a website that allows you to watch and re-watch the videos as many times as you need to understand the material. The videos will be us teaching just as we would be teaching in classroom (same material, same examples). Some of you have experience with Ed Puzzle and that will be helpful for success in this class. If you haven't used Ed Puzzle we will be practicing it the first few days of school. One important tip about watching videos for instruction is you need to LISTEN to the video as well as watch. A lot of students just watch and copy the notes. There are tips and clarifications we say during the video that is sometimes lost if you do not listen to the videos as you watch them.


    Course Requirements:

    Homework and note-taking will be extremely important for success in this class. You will be expected to take notes from the videos. There are a few options on how to note-take. More information will be forthcoming about the options for note-taking. Power points will be posted for all students to print as needed.


    Homework will be completed in a notebook. Work must be shown for credit. You will be expected to take photos of your homework and upload it via schoology for credit. We will also be practicing this in the beginning of the school year.



    • Noteook (all HW will be done in a notebook and if you are doing the Hybrid schedule you are to bring the notebook in with you)
    • Two pocket folder (to keep your packet if you choose to print it)
    • Graphing calculator TI 84+  (online graphing calculators are availabe but having  your own makes test taking easier)
    • #2 pencils

    I know this is not how we expect our year to be but I am optimistic that we will get through this together and hopefully return to regular school in due time.



Mrs. Pinder