• day of the dead

    • 7.1.NL.IPRET.1: Identify a few memorized and practiced words contained in oral, viewed, and written chunks of language in culturally authentic materials when supported by visual cues such as pictures and gestures and text support such as bolded words, bulleted lists, and/or captions.  

    Choose one of these Day of the Dead puzzles or pages to decorate.  Stay on that page, do NOT navigate anywhere else on the website.

    Watch this National Geographic clip.

    Watch this Crafting Coco video clip. 

    Look at a National Geographic slideshow.

    Look at text and pictures on Kids National Geographic.

    Listen to Chumba la cachumba, as well as this version.

    Decorate this Day of the Dead skull.

    Watch the Monarch Butterflies migrate to Mexico for the Day of the Dead!  Some of them stop here in New Jersey on the way!!


    5th grade - Read this short text and take a short online quiz

    3rd and 4th grade - Look at these words with pictures then play this matching game.