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     7.1.NM.IPRET.1: Identify familiar spoken and written words, phrases, and simple sentences contained in culturally authentic materials and other resources related to targeted themes. 

    • 7.1.NM.IPERS.1: Request and provide information by asking and answering simple, practiced questions, using memorized words and phrases.  

    Hover your mouse over each phrase and repeat it as your partner tells you what it means. Click on the headphones and quiz your partner.  Then switch and your partner will quiz you on both websites. Only review the phrases we went over in class.

    Do the same with numbers 1-12, then with colors.Los colores

    Click on Options at the bottom left, then select answer with English, then turn Audio On and, then click on each Flashcard to turn it over and see what it means. Then repeat what each flashcard says to your partner, so they can guess what it means without looking.  Flip it and see if they guessed correctly.  If not, tell them nicely what it means.

    Play Match.  Play it at least two more times.  Try to beat your own time!!

    Go to quizlet.com/live and type the code Señorita Nilson posts on the board.  Type in your real first and last name only (NO NICKNAMES!).

    Plan B:  Play Quizziz at:  joinmyquiz.com Click, Continue with Microsoft.  Then, copy and paste or type in the code 4419 7217.

    If there is time, we will play a class game at  joinmyquiz.com  Type in the code that Srta. Nilson puts on the board.