• Señorita Nilson

    • 7.1.NL.IPRET.2: Respond with physical actions and/or gestures to simple oral directions, commands, and requests.  


    Learn a bilingual song schoolchildren learn in Puerto Rico:  Pollito, chicken

    Learn Verbs (action words).  Learn Sign and Spanish verbs.


    Move around the classroom with Basho and Friends' Actions video.  Camina, baila, salta, corre.

    Sing Basho and Friends' Classroom objects. to 1:25 (stop at one minute, 25 seconds).

    Learn more about the classroom Basho and Friends' Classroom vocabulary to 1:22.

    Mrs. Dauth's class at TJ, now go to the next page (Body Parts).

    Srta. Nilson will play this game or this game with your class.

    Have a Basho and Friends' Brain break.