• Señorita Nilson

    • 7.1.NL.IPRET.2: Respond with physical actions and/or gestures to simple oral directions, commands, and requests.  


    Learn a bilingual song schoolchildren learn in Puerto Rico:  Pollito, chicken

    Sing and act out Basho and Friends' Classroom vocabulary to 1:22.  

    Learn Verbs (action words).  Learn Sign and Spanish verbs.


    Sing Basho and Friends' Classroom objects. to 1:25 (stop at one minute, 25 seconds).

    Srta. Nilson will play this game or this game with your class.

    Have a Basho and Friends' Brain break.

    Move around the classroom with Basho and Friends' Actions video.  Camina, baila, salta, corre.  

    Go Noodle!  Salta como el conejo