• Daily School Supplies Needed 

      book bag (labeled)
                                                        5 pink erasers                                                       
    10 pencils sharpened
                                            yellow highlighter                                           
    1 clean sock
    box crayons (set of 8-16 only)
     3 separate marble composition books
                                         one package colored pencils                                   
     1 box gallon zip lock bags
                                               twenty glue sticks                                           
    4 package square (3X3) post-it note
    1 container baby wipes
    one pair scissors
     12 inch ruler with centimeters
                Box pencil case
    adult size plastic hanger
    earphones in a baggie labeled with your child’s name
    12 black low odor dry erase markers
    5 two pocket folders (one of the following colors: yellow, blue, green, red, purple)
    A box of tissues and sanitizing wipes are always appreciated