• Watch Frau Nilson's instructions.



    Clilck on and repeat these classroom objects and people from Language guide.    You will hear how to make each object plural and each person male/female and plural.  Did you figure out the different ways to make things/people plural in German?

    Watch this tour of a classroom in Germany on Easy German! If that link doesn't work, watch the YouTube version with ads:  Easy German! See how many German words you already know because you already learned them or because they are similar to English!! English subtitles are under the German words to help you!

    Play "Schwupps, was fehlt?" Whoops, what's missing? or the YouTube with ads version Schwupps, was fehlt?  You can click on the settings icon, that looks like a cogwheel at the bottom next to CC,  to put captions in English or German. 

    Click on and repeat  German games classroom objects then drag the object to the correct box in this Mix and Match game. Play Four in a Row,  then Memory,  and Sow Grow.

    Watch and repeat people and things in the classroom on Learn German or the version on YouTube with ads (if the first link didn't work): Learn German.  When she says:  Noch einmal, it means "Once again."  See if you can figure out the different patterns for making things and people plural!   Also, there are three ways to say "the"  Die, Der, Das.  Which "the" do you use for plural words?  

    IF TIME, you may go to the Assignment page in the same folder (the Classroom) in Schoology:

    Select MULTIPLE CHOICE this topic, then Start the Test (it's not a test :).  Answer these ten multiple choice questionstake a screenshot of your time and score and save, then click submit assignment, click the file icon, upload screenshot, then click submit. Screenshot instructions below this page.  OR email me with the information or screenshot:  jnilson@wtps.org