• Demonstrable Proficiencies

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  • Grading Procedures, Rules, and Expectations

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  • Class Rules

    Mrs. Flaherty                                                                                                     Name ___________________________

    8th Grade Science                                                                                             Period ___________________________

    Class Rules

    1.       Students are to be in class, in their assigned seats before the bell rings or they will be marked late.

    2.       Be courteous to and respectful of your classmates and their personal property, your teachers, and school property.

    3.       Pencils should be sharpened at the beginning or end of class, not during class.

    4.       Trash should be thrown out at the end of class only.  No trash should be left in lab desks.

    5.       Hands will be raised any time a student wishes to be recognized by the teacher.  There will be no calling out.

    6.       Having received permission, students may use a lavatory pass before class and at the end of class.

    7.       Students should not be talking unless instructed to do so.

    8.       Gas jets, sinks eyewash/emergency shower, and emergency shut-off paddles will be used only in emergencies or with permission while properly supervised.

    9.       Students should not be chewing gum, eating or drinking anything at any time, for any reason.

    10.   Students should come prepared to class every day.  This includes bringing their notebook with dividers, any assignments, paper, pens, pencils, and textbook (when asked).

    11.   At the end of the period remain seated until your teacher dismisses you.

    12.   There will be no vandalism of room materials; including writing on books and lab desks.  Writing on the text will result in some reimbursement for the text and writing on desks will result in the cleaning of desks.

    13.   All other rules not covered here but mentioned in the student handbook also apply.

    14.   Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action.


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