• Dear Parents of Future 2nd Grade Students,

    The Washington Township Board of Education provides basic supplies for successful participation in all school activities. However, parents have requested guidelines for additional supplies, which may be helpful in preparing their child for the school year. The following supplies are recommended for second grade.

    ·        A pencil box

    ·        Box of #2 pencils

    ·        5 black & white composition books

    ·        5 dry-erase low odor markers (for white board use) (preferably fine tip)

    ·        5 lg. sized glue sticks

    ·        Crayons-please no larger than a box of 24

    ·        1 lg. bottles of school glue

    ·        2 packs of  post-it notes-3x3     

    ·        1 scissors

    ·        2 folders        

    ·        1” binder

    ·        Colored pencils

    ·        Donations of Clorox wipes, zip lock plastic bags (large & small), tissues, and napkins