• Please have your child bring in 3 sharpened pencils, a dry erase marker, pen, highlighter and an eraser or sock.


    Dear Parents of Third Grade Students,

       The school provides students with necessary supplies. However, the following is a list of additional suggestions which may be helpful for your child to have for some projects and assignments in school.


    A one and a half inch clear view binder (clear pocket on front)

    Larger binders will not fit in the desks. Please no Trapper Keepers!

     3 single subject notebooks, spiral or marble

    3 plastic coated poly folders red, blue, green

     1 pen (any color)


    glue sticks, scissors and crayons (no larger than 16 pack)

    soft zippered pencil cases (boxes will not fit in the desk)

     extra pencils for both home and school

    dry erase marker (MUST be low odor)

     cotton sock for erasing dry erase markers

      3x3 Post-it notes

     Please remember that some supplies may need to be replenished throughout
    the school year. The winter break is an excellent time to do so!


    Thank you,

     Third Grade Teachers

    *Optional – At times we may be using the laptops for different activities. Students may bring in personal earbuds. As the year progresses, we will be using these more in preparation for testing. Please label with your child’s name and place in Ziploc/sealed bag.

    Also,donations of tissues, paper towels, Ziplock bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich) are always welcome and much appreciated.


     3rd marking period - Please check with your child to see if they need their supplies replaced. 2/4/2019