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Mrs. Jacki Tiger-Williams

The best way to reach me is by email at  I can also be reached at (856)589-7459 X4135
I have a busy home with two little ones and lots of pets!  My daughter, Elise, was born in 2012 and she is so sweet and funny. She is growing like a weed and sometimes I wish she'd slow down just a little bit. She's a talker and a joker now. She's a little nuts (in an awesome way) and loves to keep up with her big brother.
I also have my wonderful son, Ben! He was born in 2009 and now he's a kindergartener!  He is super silly and always on the move! Right now, he loves Batman, the Kratt Brothers and playing outside. He's an amazing kid. 

In my house, we also have pets! It's sort of like a zoo.

Years ago, we got a retired racing greyhound. She spent her life running on a racetrack and now she gets to relax and rest with our family. Her racing name was Ingear, but we thought that sounded a little funny, so we call her Georgia. She had to learn many new things when she moved into a house (she used to live in just a crate). She learned how to go up steps, play with toys, and take walks. For some reason, she only likes to take walks with my husband. If it's just me, she digs her heels in and refuses to move! It's a little bit insulting.

My husband and I liked Georgia so much that, a year or so later, we got her a greyhound friend named Katie. Katie worked hard to destroy our home in the beginning, eating everything she could find including all the remote controls, my cell phone and my Ipod (she must have a thing for electronics). Now she has gotten better at understanding what is a toy and what is not, and we have gotten better at putting things where Katie can't reach them. Katie loves walks and thinks everything is a leash: my scarf, a belt, sometimes even my purse. We're trying to get her to convince Georgia that walks are fun.

Last, I have my sweetest little cat, Lucky. We found Lucky outside. She lived out there for a long time. My husband told me that if I could catch her, we could keep her. I caught her in less than 24 hours! She had a very bad injury to her eye and it wouldn't get any better, so she had to have her eye removed. I think she's even cuter with just one eye. She's VERY shy and visitors at my house don't even catch a glimpse of her most of the time! But when it's just her and Mrs. Tiger, Lucky loves to snuggle up and take long naps with her mom.
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Georgia in her reindeer disguise

Me, my husband and my family

Lucky (her face looks a lot better now)

Ben on the day he was born

Katie lounging (we call her a doggy sausage when she sleeps like this)

Ellie is all smiles