• All About the Reading Log


    The kids have received their first reading logs and I have explained the guidelines for completing the logs. A reading log consists of two weeks, week one on the front (Mon-Fri) and week two on the back (Mon-Fri).

    Students will receive their log on the Friday BEFORE it is to begin and turn it in on the Monday AFTER it is to be finished. For example, for the reading log dated September 16th-September 27th, it was given out on September 13th and will be collected on September 30th. Why? Well, because I want to provide my students and families with some flexibility. Since students receive the log early, they can get a head start if they wish. If they have fallen behind (they should not be more than one night behind), they have time to catch up. If they have a very busy week night, they can plan ahead so that they can skip reading that night if they choose.


    • Read for 20 minutes outside of the school day 5 times per week. Reading completed during the regular school day does NOT count.  Write TWO sentences about what you read.
    • Read from just ONE chapter book, your just right book that is not too easy and not too challenging. Pick one you like :)
    • You're welcome to borrow books from my classroom library. Please be sure to care for them and return them as soon as you are finished.
    • Your just right book should come back and forth between home and school each day. It should also go to your other classes with you (except specials).


    • Your parent/guardian is the first choice
    • The following people may sign your reading log IF your parent/guardian is okay with it and the signer is okay with it: Kids Choice staff, Homework Club teacher, older sibling IN HIGH SCHOOL OR OLDER, babysitter, grandparent.
    • If your log is signed by someone other than your parent/guardian, the person should identify who they are. Example: Miss McGowan, hw club
    • If you read at Kids Choice or Homework Club, you should let the grownup know when you are starting your reading, then read for twenty minutes and get the signature. You can't expect the grownup to know when your twenty minutes started unless you tell them.


    • If there are extinuating circumstances and your reading did not get done, you should have a note from your parent/guardian explaining the situation.
    • If there is a reason that you miss a week of reading homework, you may get a make up reading log to make up this week. You may only complete a make up reading log two times this year.