• In order to participate in Physical Education class, please remember to have your child do the following each week on their respective PE day:

    Wear appropriate athletic sneakers. Sneakers should have laces which are tied or velcro which can be tightened for safety and security.  Slip-on's are not permitted.  Heely's, Uggs, Tom's (if they are slip-ons), dress shoes, sandals (even athletic sandals), and boots are not permitted. This is for the safety and security of all students.

    Try to avoid wearing jewelry as it can be pulled off during play causing injury. Long earrings and necklaces are the most common types of jewelry to cause injury. Having long hair tied back is recommended also. A strap may be necessary to keep eye glasses tightly secured as well.

    Wear appropriate clothing in order to move safely during play. Try to avoid skirts or pants that are too long or baggy. Wearing a jacket on cool or cold days is recommended since gym classes are often held outside.

    Thank you in advance for helping your child have a safe and enjoyable experience in Physical Education class!