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    Program Overview

    Read 180 is an intensive reading intervention program designed to improve a child’s reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.  Read 180 is currently used in over 40,000 classrooms nationwide, and is one of the most thoroughly researched and documented reading intervention programs.

    Whole Group

    Everyday, throughout the course of the year, students receive 20 minutes of whole group instruction; where reading, writing, and vocabulary are touched on.  The students then enter the rotational model.


    In the rotational model, students work independently on the computer for 20 minutes using the programs instructional software in the computer station.  In each of the fifteen topics, students work in the reading zone, spelling zone, word zone, success zone, and finally the writing zone. 

    Independent Reading

    Students read independently for 20 minutes in the reading station. There are many program books/audio books to choose from in the Read 180 library.  These books are high interest and will challenge, not frustrate the student.

    Small Group

    The last part of the rotational model consists of 20 minutes of small group instruction with the teacher.  Here, students will practice vocabulary, writing skills, and reinforce content taught in whole group instruction.