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    The students were given the following supplies to supplement any they did not bring to school: 

    ·        8 pack of fat crayons or 16 pack of regular crayons

    ·        1 regular pencil with eraser

    ·        2 fat pencils with eraser

    ·        1 pink eraser

    ·        1 dry erase marker

    ·        1 felt eraser for dry erase board

    ·        1 yellow highlighter

     1 glue stick

    ·      1 set of 12 colored pencils

    1  1 set of washable markers


     Please send in items to replace these supplies as your child needs them. At Back to School Night you will receive a bag of supplies for your child to use to complete his/her homework. Please keep these supplies stored in a safe place so your child will have the items necessary to do his/her homework. Thank you!