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    School Supplies 2017 - 2018

    No supplies that look like toys 

    #2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils)

    20 glue sticks

    box of tissues


    baby or cleaning wipes

    5 pink erasers

    pair of scissors

    zippered pencil case (no boxes)

    2 marble notebooks

    5 pocket folders (red, yellow, blue, green and purple)

    colored pencils

    crayons (8 or 16 count)

    yellow highlighter

    black permanent marker

    12 low odor black dry erase marker

    sock for dry erase board

    12 inch ruler with centimeters

    4 post-it notes (3 X 3)

    1 box Quart sized baggies

    1 adult size hanger

    1 pair of ear buds in a plastic bag with your child's name on the bag