• Roy Dawson Dr. Roy J. Dawson III

    (Term Expires: December 31, 2017)

    Dr. Roy J. Dawson III was appointed to fill an unexpired term in April, 2014.  He has expressed this opportunity both as a privilege and an honor to represent the stakeholders of Washington Township.  Dr. Dawson genuinely believes this appointment is symbolic of his 46 years as a resident of the community. This appointment, in addition to the eventful endeavors he has encountered throughout his professional growth have inspired and prepared him to act as a voice for our residents. As a graduate of Washington Township Public Schools, Dr. Dawson was inducted into the WTPS Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. 

    Currently, he is the principal of Quarter Mile Lane School in Bridgeton, NJ, an adjunct professor for Wilmington University, a member of the Rowan University Professional School Development Council, and serves as a participatory member on the Margaret E. Heggan Library Board of Trustees.  Roy's pedagogical background encompasses over 18 years as an educator, that includes teaching and school leadership.  Historically, he comes from a long lineage of educators who have instilled in him a yearning to impact others with an appreciation for education.  These characteristics live and breathe through the dynamics of his values regarding teaching, learning, communication, and the general culture of the school district. 

    As a board member, he plans to work collectively to provide the appropriate resources to meet the individual needs of all of the students. He will be enthusiastic to embrace a culture that fosters the development and expansion of each student to the fullest academic potential.  He also will be motivated to implement initiatives that are aligned to the ever-evolving global and technological transformations necessary to prepare our students for our 21st century society.  Dr. Dawson is a person who models integrity and morals.  As a member of the Washington Township Public Schools Board of Education, he hopes to model these attributes throughout his appointment. 

     Roy may be contacted via email at RDawson@boe.wtps.org