Lab Safety Rules

  • Be alert at all times. NO clowning around or running in the lab.


    Follow teacher’s instructions carefully, doing only what you are instructed to do.


    Read the procedures carefully before beginning, and ask questions about that which you are unsure.


    Tell the teacher immediately if any accident or injury occurs, no matter how small.


    Keep work area free of unnecessary books and papers.


    Tie back long hair, and push up long sleeves.


    Examine glassware for cracks or chips before using.


    Read the label twice before taking anything from a bottle.


    Never inhale chemicals directly; wave the fumes toward you.


    Never taste a chemical unless directed to do so by the teacher.


    No food during lab.


    Treat all unknown substances as if they were dangerous chemicals.


    Wear safety goggles and lab apron when working with chemicals or heat.


    If heating a test tube, point the mouth away from you and others.


    If you spill chemical on you, wash it off immediately while telling the teacher.


    When using water, turn the handle slowly to avoid splashing.


    Before leaving, clean up your work area, dispose of materials as directed, and wait for inspection.


    Wash hands thoroughly after handling chemicals or specimens.


    When mixing acid and water, always add the acid to the water.