• Procedures for Participating in a Virtual Field Trip or Distance Learning Project

    1. Find a field trip.  You can find virtual field trips by following the links on the Video Conferencing web page.  To participate in a Distance Learning project outside our school district, contact the Information Technology Department for a list of schools.  For a Distance Learning project within our school district, contact a teacher or administrator with whom you would like to work with and determine the content of your videoconference.
    2. Schedule the event. The Video Conferencing calendar can be found on the Video Conferencing web page, at:  Check this calendar before scheduling with your content provider. Schedule the field trip or distance learning project with the content provider. Scheduling should be done well in advance. Many virtual field trips are booked months in advance, so reserve your time slot early.  For Distance Learning projects, scheduling should be made with the Information Technology Department by sending the completed form found on the Video Conferencing web page
    3. When registering for a virtual (electronic) field trip, staff members must prepare a pink requisition at the time they undertake the registration process. The registration process and preparation of the requisition must be undertaken well in advance of the intended date of the trip, so as to provide sufficient time for processing of necessary district paperwork (e.g. po’s). After completing the pink requisition, staff members are to forward the requisition to the principal for approval/signature and the principal in turn will forward it to Dawn McCann in the Curriculum Office, so that a po can be issued in a timely manner. A copy of a price quote or a copy of the completed field trip registration form should be attached to the requisition. Subsequently, invoices or billing statements should be given to your bookkeeper, who in turn will forward them to Dawn McCann, so that the po can be released for payment when completion of the virtual field trip is confirmed by your building.
    4. Prepare your students.  Do any preparation activities suggested by the field trip website.  Give your students background information on the subject matter. Content providers usually provide lesson plans on their website. (See Tips link)
    5. Attend the field trip. Make sure the students arrive to the location on time.
    6. Do any post activities or evaluations with your students prior to the field trip.