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  • “I Can” Common Core!

    2nd Grade Math

    I Can Use Addition and Subtraction to Help Me Understand Math

    • I can use strategies to solve addition word problems. 2.OA.1
    • I can use strategies to solve subtraction word problems. 2.OA.1
    • I know my addition facts. 2.OA.2
    • I know my subtraction facts. 2.OA.2
    • I can group objects to tell if a number is odd or even. 2.OA.3
    • I can use repeated addition to help me understand multiplication. 2.OA.4

    I Can Use Number Sense and Place Value to Help Me Understand Math

    • I can understand and use hundreds, tens and ones. 2.NBT.1
    • I can count to 1,000 using 1s, 5s, 10s and 100s. 2.NBT.2
    • I can read and write numbers to 1,000 in different ways. 2.NBT.3
    • I can compare three-digit numbers using <, =, and >. 2.NBT.4 
    • I can add and subtract three-digit numbers. 2.NBT.5
    • I can add more than two big numbers. 2.NBT.6
    • I can add and subtract with regrouping. 2.NBT.7
    • I can add and subtract tens and hundreds in my head. 2.NBT.8
    • I can explain why I need to use addition or subtraction to help me solve problems. 2.NBT.9
    I Can Use Measurement and Data to Help Me Understand Math
    • I can use different tools to measure objects. 2.MD.1
    • I can compare the length of an object using two different units of measurement. 2.MD.2
    • I can estimate the lengths of objects. 2.MD.3
    • I can compare the length of two different objects. 2.MD.4
    • I can use addition and subtraction to solve measurement problems. 2.MD.5
    • I can make and use a number line. 2.MD.6
    • I can tell time to five minutes. 2.MD.7
    • I can understand a.m. and p.m. 2.MD.7
    • I can count money to help me solve word problems. 2.MD.8
    • I can make a table to organize data. 2.MD.9
    • I can use a table to make a line plot. 2.MD.9
    • I can make a graph. 2.MD.10

    I Can Use Geometry to Help Me Understand Math 

    • I can name and draw shapes. 2.G.1 (I know triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons and cubes.)
    • I can find the area of a rectangle. 2.G.2
    • I can divide shapes into equal parts. 2.G.3
    • I can use fractions to describe the equal parts of a shape. 2.G.3