• Keyboarding 

    For many students, learning to keyboard can be a frustrating task. There are so many new skills to learn at the same time; using both hands, new finger movements, learning the home row keys,  learning letter locations, and typing without peeking. Keyboarding skills will be practiced during every Computer class period through the use of the online typing program. Students are encouraged to carry over proper keyboarding techniques into their classroom assignments, as well as using the computer at home.

    Students: Remember your “home row”finger placement and to keep your eyes on the monitor and not looking down at the keyboard.  Do not “hunt and peck” with two fingers.  In Computer class Mrs. Bozza says, "Back straight. Feet on the Floor. Elbows by your sides. Wrists off of the keybaord. And ALL FINGERS ON THE HOME ROW!"

    Here are a list of really good keyboarding sites to help you practice your skills:


    typing computer