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Physical Education Units and Mini-Units



    In our soccer unit, students learn and practice basic soccer fundamentals such as dribbling, trapping, passing, shielding, tackling, and shooting. Students are taught the concept of an overhead soccer throw, a corner kick, a six kick, etc. The concepts of offense and defense are taught and students are encouraged to play various positions in a game situation. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and strategy. Students are expected to follow safety guidelines and basic game instructions and parameters.  Students are given an opportunity to practice skills both independently and within a small group setting with specific game boundaries.  Younger students use modified rules and equipment and begin the soccer learning experience indoors verses outside.  At the end of the unit students are assessed on dribbling and passing with an emphasis on body control and ball control. 


    Cooperative Activities

    Students will participate in various cooperative activities during this unit. In each activity, students are encouraged to work together as a group to achieve a common goal. The emphasis is not on winning or losing, but on working as a team. Students will need to brainstorm ideas together to create solutions to movement challenges. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and create a back-up plan in cases where it may be necessary. Some of the cooperative activities that students will participate in include: Survivor - The goal is to travel as a team from one island to another without touching the "hot lava" (the ground) using the minimal equipment provided. Scavenger Hunt - The goal is to collect 5 of any one object in the room without having any of those objects stolen by another team. Comet Collector - Using a sheet with a hole in the center, students must pick up small balls without using their hands to touch the balls. The balls are carried on the sheet and dropped in a bucket through the hole in the sheet. Alphabet Soup - Students must collect all 26 letters of the alphabet in their team's color and place them in alphabetical order in a straight line as quickly as possible. Mine Field - Students must cross a mine field blind folded without touching or stepping on any objects by listening to and trusting commands from a partner.  Battleship - Students must use teamwork in order to sink the ships of 3 other teams while keeping thier own ship afloat.  Pirates - Students must work strategically to collect treasure from other teams while keeping thier own treasure safe and saving prisoners who have been captured by other teams.  


    Scooter Mini-Unit

    This is a mini-unit where students build both upper body strength and leg strength by using different techniques to move on scooters. Students move in various pathways and levels and follow "road rules" such as obeying speed limits, using turn signals, and avoiding accidents. Students must be aware of personal space and general space. Once scooters are used safely and effectively by the students, scooter games such as scooter hockey and scooter hand ball are taught.  Students also participate in several cooperative scooter activities as well.


    Bowling Mini-Unit

    Students are having a ball with cosmic bowling! This lifetime activity is one that everyone can do and achieve their own personal level of success. This sport, which recently made its debut as a WTHS Varsity program, teaches the children concentration, control, tracking, and even math! The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students all learn to keep score manually on a bowling score sheet. Individuals keep running scores and teams add up their totals in attempt to win free bowling passes to Brunswick Lanes. The lights are dimmed, the disco balls spin, and the music plays as students take turns bowling in their lanes with 5 lb. weighted rubberized bowling balls. Hurffville is the only elementary school that boasts a full bowling unit, and what a favorite among Hurrfville students!


    Adventure Activities

    Students love"climbing the walls" in gym class! The boys and girls in every grade level will have an opportunity to climb our 30 foot long rock climbing wall which was donated by the Hurffville PTO. Our Hurffville climbers are often pleasantly surprised by the amount of success they have scaling the 10 foot high wall and are amazed at how easy it is to "rise" to the occasion! Students also climb the cargo net and the knotted ropes to help improve their strength and spatial awareness. Students in upper grades play Survivor Island. They use the rope to swing from island to island, helping their teammates along the way.  Students will also have an opportunity to walk on a slack line, using their teammates to strategize how to get the entire team across the slack line without stepping off.  What a great way to encourage kids to take measured risks and challenge what they thought they couldn't do!


    Football Unit

    Are you ready for some football? We are. Students of all ages love to play football! Using color coded flag football belts, students learn the basic concept of football and have the chance to participate in various positions such as quarterback, receiver, etc. through football related lead-up activities. Students develop speed, spatial awareness, agility, endurance, visual tracking, and catching skills. They also learn various strategies and teamwork concepts as they plan together in their huddle. This safe and organized version of football is always a favorite among boys and girls alike.  Be sure to ask your child about the "quarter game"!


    Jump Rope Unit

    Students love this old fashioned favorite form of exercise! It is something everyone can do and requires very little equipment. Students improve their cardiovascular function and endurance as they challenge themselves in various jumping activities. We jump forward, backward, sideways....on one foot, the other foot, two, slow, double ourselves, with a partner, with a group....criss cross, side swing, bell, and more! Long rope, run through, double name it - we've tried it! We use Chinese jump ropes, jump bands, hoop jumpers, and tinikling cords. What a great American classic form of exercise that incorporates rhythm, timing, tracking, and cardiovascular fitness!


    Floor Hockey

    Floor Hockey is one of the current trends in youth sports and exercise. It is a high activity sport unit that has something for everyone! In order to increase the level of safety of this sport here at Hurffville, we have recently purchased foam blade covers for all hockey sticks used by the students. A lightweight, high density foam puck is used and safety sticks made of pliable rubber are used as a lead up tool for younger students. Our youngest beginners will use Pillow Polo sticks which are shorter, softer, and lighter as they begin learning how to properly hold a stick and use it in a safe fashion.  Sideline players are utilized throughout the game to help students obey boundaries and keep all students active without having too many students in one area. Students have the option of being a goalie but are not required to play as goalie if they do not wish to. Students truly enjoy this fast paced game of strategy and teamwork.



    We have many more units to come! Information will be posted on all units within the next few weeks. Some of our upcoming units are listed below:

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    Frisbee Mini-Unit

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