• The Summer Assignment packet (see other tab..."Summer Assignment") needs to be completed by the 1st day of school...it will be collected & graded. We will review it and then have a quiz soon after.

    You will need a 3 ring binder for your notebook.


    You will also need a Function notebook. It should be one of those marble covered Composition Notebooks with graph paper inside like one of these...

    This Function Notebook will be used by you for the rest of your high school career...3 years!


    We will be using a graphing calculator heavily in this class.  I strongly recommend having your own.   The TI NSpire with the TouchPad (do NOT get an NSpire "CAS" version) or  TI-84 (+ or Silver) are both acceptable for use in class.

    And lastly...Welcome, we'll have a great year.