• Children who work on articulation skills are those that have errors when producing certain speech sounds. The most common speech errors in the elementary grades are with the "r", "s", "l" and "th" sounds. These are also the last sounds to naturally develop. If your child receives speech for articulation therapy, he/she will be taught how to produce these sounds beginning in isolation, then progressing up to the word, phrase and sentence level. The ultimate goal is to have your child produce the sounds correctly in conversation with minimal prompting. Students are seen for articulation therapy in several ways. Some are seen for a 30 minute block of time usually when first starting in the program, for once or twice a week depending on the severity of errors. This is so that he/she can learn skills such as proper tongue placement, oral motor exercises, speech discrimination and practice. As your child gets older, I like to recommend the "bombardment method" of therapy, in which sessions are decreased in minutes but the number of sessions are given more frequently throughout the week. I have found good success with seeing students for 10 minute bursts of speech therapy, 3 times a week.

    Some children progress very quickly with the help of Speech Therapy; please do not become frustrated if we decide that he/she needs to continue in the program for another year or so. You will need to be an active participant in your child's speech program so I will need your help with practicing at least 4 days a week with the HW I send in the folder. Your child will be taught ways to accurately produce speech sounds but home practice is very critical to the success of the program.There is nothing like the feeling your child and I get when dismissal from speech is warranted! We will work together, and have a fun time learning new sounds!