• Children develop oral language skills at different paces than others. Some children with language difficulties may have weak grammar skills, vocabulary skills and/or listening skills. Memory skills may also be impacted, which could result with difficulty following oral directions or with retaining information that is taught through the listening channel. Reading, comprehension, spelling and/or math skills may also impact their language skills. I will give your child activities to work on to help strengthen language skills which will in turn help with being more successful in the classroom. Please review the homework activities for a few minutes each day until the HW is checked by me. Since most of the activities are given to strenghten auditory processing skills,it is important that the homework helper (usually the parent) orally reads the assignments and questions aloud to the child; this will promote better listening skills overall. I usually give your child a week to complete an assignment. This way you can review the homework on a daily basis. This will help reinforce your child's language skills each day.