• Fundations




    Our Fundations phonics program helps students to use skills and techniques to read and spell words:


    • Use alphabet sounds chart in copybook  
    • Tap out word sounds with fingers to help decode words.
    • Dictate sample words with these sounds for practice at home. Have your child write the words that you dictate. Then practice reading them.
    • Practice reading and spelling "Trick words" from the word list.



    Unit 1-review of lowercase letter sounds and formation    

    Unit 2-CVC words are words with one vowel sound and a beginning and ending consonant sound; short vowels a,e,i,o,u

    examples: sad, met, fit, hot, lug


    Unit 3 skills-words with  beginning/ending consonant digraphs :ck, th, sh, ch, wh

    Unit 4 skills--words with bonus letters: ll, ss, ff, sometimes z  (mill, mess, puff, buzz)

    Unit 5 skills-words with "glued sounds" all, am, an(ex.: ball, ham, fan) The short vowel achanges its sound in these words.

    Unit 6: words with suffix s (pans, rugs, pets); when practicing to spell these words, say base word, then repeat word with s (ex.: spell pan, now make it pans)

    Unit 7-glued sounds with ng/ nk (ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk)

    Unit 8- words with beginning and ending blends and digraphs.

    Unit 9- Review of previous skills:bonus letters, digraphs, glued/welded sounds, blends

    closed syllable words- words that begin and end with a consonant and have a short vowel sound

    Unit 10-words that have 5 sounds and are closed syllable

    Unit 11-words with suffix endings ed, ing, s

    Unit 12- words with suffix s, es

    Unit 13-long vowel silent e

    Unit 14-words with two closed syllables