• There are many ways to communicate with me and get pertinent information. Most of us are very accustomed to email, so feel free to drop me a line at tcolligan@wtps.org. You may also call me at 856-589-7459 Extension 4131. With regard to both of these, please allow 24 hours for me to respond. I usually will respond sooner, but sometimes just can't. Should it be longer than 24 hours, please try again because I may not have gotten your original message. It happens sometimes!
    I also have a school Twitter. I do not use this for personal use, and I will not follow anyone back, but I will periodically post fun information. Nothing of utmost importance will be on Twitter. Also, please note that there is in fact an age requirement of 13-years-of-age to engage in Twitter activity. Please be cautious and diligent in your child's use of any social media. This was instituted for parental use. Other schools and staff in the ditrict use it with great success. It can really be a great tool.
    Lastly, please use the Remind technology. Simply text @MrsCScie for science (all 5th grade) and/ or @MrsCWr for writing class and home room to  81010 or 856- 347-4775. I can send attachments, reminders and updates! It is extremely useful!!  Click on the links below for directions as well.
    I will no longer be using REMIND for announcements.  All announcements will be here on my School Wires Web page.
    I encourage you to ask questions and let me know important information so we can help your child as a team! Together we can make this a stellar year!