• homework


    You will find your child's homework, for the night, in the "Bring Back Side" of their nightly folder. This is to be completed and brought back the next day. If your child is having difficulty with an assignment please address a note to me, so that I may work with them on the concept.

    Nightly practice of the 'ring words', found in their nightly folders,should be part of their routine. This will help increase their fluency, especially with those words that are not easily decoded.

    Little books will come home after a student has met for small group reading instruction. If they have little books in their folders, please have them practice reading these aloud. Once they have mastered the vocabulary in the story, focus on fluency and expression. These are all tips for helping your student to become a better reader. 
    Math Home Links will come home to reinforce skills taught that day in Math.  Continue to practice math facts nightly to gain automatacity.  
    Fundations (Word Study) should be practiced throughout the week.  A list of words will go home at the beginning of a unit and you should help your student practice words that are similar to those on the list.  Various activites will be required of them throughout the week and will be sent home in the nightly folder.