1st grade homework    First Grade Homework

    Monday, 5/21 Math: Unit 2 review, study for test tomorrow, FWS, BE 

    Tuesday, 5/22  FWS, MG sign and complete the sheet, BE 

    Wednesday, 5/23 NO homework – Family Night – come to the Art Show and Ice Cream Social tonight!

    Thursday, 5/24  No homework – Enjoy the long Memorial Day Weekend!– Book envelope and math game are optional. Children earn tokens for reading their book envelope books and playing math games over the weekend. Please be sure to initial/complete the included sheets.

    The students will decide if they want a math game for the weekend. If you want one sent home, please jot a note in the assignment book or on the assignment sheet. Thank you!

    BE = Book Envelope, FWS = Fundations Worksheet, MWS = Math Worksheet, HL = Math Home Link MG = Math Game