• Test Taking Strategies


    Test taking strategies are often very obvious to adults but not so obvious to kids. They often need to be deliberately taught to children. Take some time to talk with your kids about some of the following strategies:

    • When taking a test that involves matching, always do the easiest ones first (kids often think you have to work from beginning to end).
    • During a matching test, cross out the options that you've already used. Don't scribble them out darkly just in case you have to go back and start over. A simple slash mark will do.
    • If you're really stuck on a test question, skip it and go back to it when you're done everything else (it's a good idea to circle this problem so you don't forget). Sometimes you'll read something later in the test that will help you remember the the answer to that problem you were stuck on!
    • You know those tests where you have to read a passage and then answer questions about it? Before you read the passage, skip ahead and read the questions first! This helps to focus your reading because you know what you're looking for.