• Just for Parents


    I just found a really fantastic website for parents of kids with ADHD. It is filled with great ideas for school and home!

    I've been reading some new books lately that I thought I would share:

    AD/HD: Helping Your Child: A Comprehensive Program to Treat Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorders at Home and in School by Warren Umansky and Barbara Steinberg Smalley
    ...this is a great book filled tons of useful information. I especially liked it because of its easy readability. This book is filled with helpful strategies to manage ADHD from early childhood through adulthood (available at Margaret E. Heggan Library).

    Organizing Solutions for People With Attention Deficit Disorder: Tips and Tools to Help You Take Charge of Your Life and Get Organized by Susan C. Pinsky
    ...this book is chock full of strategies for how to best arrange your home when someone in the family has ADHD. The author is a consultant who visits homes of those with ADHD and helps them organize their living space in a way that will allow them to stay organized. This book is primarily designed for dealing with adults with ADHD but many of the strategies would work well for children and teens. I especially liked how easy it was to troubleshoot with this book as the chapters are split up in to simple sections such organizing a child's room and situating the front hall. Many of the strategies would also be beneficial for children with autism (available at Margaret E. Heggan Library).

    "The Upside of ADHD" by Marilyn Lewis
    http://health.msn.com/health-topics/adhd/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100109339 This is a brief, interesting article that looks at the positive traits of ADHD.