• Summer Activities

    Here are a list of summer speech activites that you and your child may use together. These activities are designed to be brief and fun!

    If your child is working on a particular speech sound focus his or her responses on that sound.

    If your child is working on improving his or her language skills, encourage them to answer the question in complete sentences that are meaningful to the questions being asked. Have a great summer!

    Articulation Activities

    1. Say 5 words using your good speech

    2. Use your good speech sound at dinner

    3. What sorts have your speech sound?

    4. Name 5 zoo animals that have your speech sound.

    5. Take a walk outside, Name 5 things you see that have your speech sound.

    6. Name 3 TV shows that have your speech sound.

    7. Read a short story to someone using your best speech sound.

    8. Name 4 fruits that have your speech sound.

    9. Name 4 vegetables that have your speech sound

    10. Listen to the news for 5 minutes. What words had your speech sound?

    11. Look through a magazine and find 3 things that have your speech sound.

    12. Name 3 things you can do this summer that have your speech sound.

    13. Say the days of the week.

    14. Look around our bedroom. Name 5 things with your speech sound.

    15. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

    16. Say 4 words that have your speech sound at the end.

    16. Tell someone a joke using your good speech sound.

    17. Answer your telephone today. Make sure you use your good speech sound.

    18. Name a bug that has your speech sound.

    19. Use your good speech sound when you play outside.

    20. Think of 3 fun places to go that have your speech sound.

    Language Activites:

    S tart a summer word list

    U se each new word

    M ake a journal
    M ake a summer word box
    E xplore the house to fill your word box
    R ead! Read! Read!
    Takea trip
    I nternet games
    M ix-up a game
    E njoy getting ready for a new school year!

    Start a summer word list

    Think about words related to the summertime…things you do, places you go, weather, sports, clothing, and fun vacations. Search for words in stories, around town, when playing, and listen in movies. Write them on a paper and see how many you can collect over the summer! Remember to think about what each word means. Hang your paper up in your kitchen or bedroom to watch your summer word list grow!!

    Use each new word

    Use each word in your growing word list in a sentence. Think about what each word means…what is the function, action, category?

    Make a journal

    Cut out pictures, draw pictures, copy words, write sentences about the picture, write a story using words from your word list…be creative! Think about what you like about summer and keep a journal…maybe you’ll try a weather journal and compare/contrast the weather of each week; maybe you will keep a vacation journal about places and people you visit. Send me an e-mail telling me about your vacation! Remember to tell me What, Who, Where.

    Make a summer word box

    Find an old shoebox, empty tissue box, bag, or empty cardboard box. Decorate it!! Try to find pictures in old magazines or newspapers of things about summertime…glue these on as decorations.

    Explore the house to fill your word box

    Look for toys, pictures, and objects about summertime to include in your sound box. Take photos or collect postcards from trips. You can use these pictures to talk with your parents about good summer memories—what did you do, where did you go, and who did you see? You can also write words of things you see and put those in your summer box! Let your parents help you search for pictures on ‘Google images’ to include in your summer box.

    Read! Read! Read!

    Read magazines, comic strips, books, cereal boxes…See how many words you can add to your growing word list! Don’t forget to write down your books for Red Ribbon Reading. Which was your favorite summer book? When you are reading a book, draw a picture of the characters. Talk about Who, What, Where, When, Why. Ask the librarian for books with familiar patterns by the same author (Laura Numeroff—If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Moose A Muffin, etc…; Lucille Colandro---There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell, Fly, Bell, etc…). Have fun comparing and contrasting what happened in each story. Make your own version using the story pattern. Read a recipe—what ingredients will you need? What will you need to do first, next, last? You can add the recipe to your journal, draw a picture of what you and your parents cooked, or write about how it tasted.

    Take a trip

    Take a trip to the park, the grocery store, car rides, the movies, the farmer’s market, another state, or a different country! Make a photo album or collage using pictures, postcards, brochures from places you visit. Use this to help you remember and talk about Who, What, When, Where, Why. After helping Mom or Dad at the grocery store, sort your groceries into categories of color, type of food, wet/dry, pantry/fridge. Where do you go each day? Maybe you could add one of these trips to your journal? Try to collect as many words for your word list.

    Internet games

    There are so many games and websites online to have fun playing! Here are a few to start…

    www.starfall.com (letter sounds, stories for all levels and interests)

    http://www.quia.com/shared/search?category=12416&adv_search=true search for games on this page that include your language targets. Which game is your favorite to play? Is there one you can share with a friend?

    http://www.eduplace.com/tales These "Mad Lib" activities are great for practicing vocabulary. Just enter your summer words in the word list, and then read your Wacky Web Tale aloud. Talk about what makes the story silly.

    http://www.gigglepoetry.com Poems to read and create (and of course poems that will make you giggle!!) Can you find any of your summer words? What poems would be funny for the other seasons of Fall, Winter, and Spring?

    Mix-up a game

    Play a game that you have around your house and change it up a little.

    **Candy Land=Make a list of items for each color on the game board and decorate each list yellow, orange, blue, etc. (The orange list could include pumpkins, basketballs, and peaches for example). When you turn over an orange card, read a word from the orange list. When you turn over a purple card, read a word from the purple list, and so on. When you turn over a double color, make a sentence from that word list. Be creative! Have fun!!

    **Play Simon Says with actions=Simon says bounce like a kangaroo, or fly like a bird.

    **Play memory using pictures from your summer word list or photos from your family. Are the two pictures the same or different?

    See you in September!