• hw
    Please make sure your child's name is on all of their homework papers. Thank you!
    Reading- Every two weeks we begin reading a new story in reading. Each story has a list of new vocabulary words. These words can be found on the back of our classroom news letter that goes home each week. Please review these words with your child every night. The majority of these words cannot be "tapped out." On occasion, your child may bring home their guided reading books. Please take the time and have your child read these stories to you. Please inital the paper sent home and send it back to school.
    Fundations-Each week three new trick words are taught. Please practice writing these trick words with your child. The parent letter sent home in the beginning of each unit, offers a wide variety of ideas for you to help your child practice the words we are currently trying to "tap out." (Remember trick words cannot be "tapped out". ) Your child will recieve a list of words every two weeks to complete the following homework assignments...
    Day One- Your child must write the trick words, skill words and sentence for the week.
    Day Two- Your child must write the trick words three times each.
    Day Three- Your child must write three sentences using the trick words.
    Day Four- Your child must put their skilll words in ABC order.
    Math- Math homelinks are sent home nightly to reinforce the skills being taught in class that day. Please take the time to look over the parent letter sent home in the beginning of each unit. They offer great ideas to help your child at home.  Study Guides will also be sent home before each test.