• Birthdays


    Birthdays are very special days in Second Grade. To help your child celebrate their special day, s/he will be made our "STAR STUDENT" during the week of their birthday. (I will make every attempt to schedule shared birthdays on separate weeks.) We will celebrate summer birthdays as "unbirthdays" throughout the school year.

    When it is your child's birthday week, I will send home a Star Student poster the Friday before. Please help your child complete this and return the information on Monday. Instead of serving special snacks, your child will be allowed to choose a short activity. Some ideas may include having your child bring in a few items for "Show and Tell", read aloud a special book, or invite a guest to read to the class. Please feel free to contact me if you have other ideas.

    With regards to parties, please note that in order to prevent HURT feelings, I cannot allow invitations to be distributed in school unless either the entire class is included or all classmates of the same sex (i.e. - all boys or all girls) are invited. Thank-you for your cooperation!