In second grade, homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.  Fundations homework will remain the same throughout the school year.  Most of our Fundations units last two weeks; occasionally we have one that is only one week. Fundations Packets are handed out on Mondays. The packet includes a cover page that lists the skill words and trick words for the week.  We typically have our Fundations Unit tests on Fridays.  Trick word quizzes are administered on an “on-demand” basis usually once or twice a marking period to see if the students are mastering these words.


    Math homework is usually assigned each evening Monday-Thursday. When students are working on a study guide in class, their homework is usually to review it for the upcoming test. We always encourage the practice of basic math, addition and subtraction, facts on a daily basis for at least 5-10 minutes to help build fluency. Using the First in Math student app is a great way to practice basic facts. Students also take part in our daily Rocket Math fact program.  Our goal is for mastery of these facts from 0-20 by the end of second grade. 


    For Reading, we ask that they read for 20 minutes each night and record their reading on their weekly Fundations log. Book logs should be initialed by a parent or guardian each night. Leveled Guided Reading books will also be sent home to practice fluency and reading with expression. Please read these with your child and review any skills that were mentioned on the Guided Reading sheet. Guided Reading books can also be used for their nightly reading logs. We encourage you to read with your child each evening to build fluency. When students finish reading library books or personal books from home we also encourage them to take an AR quiz here at school. AR quizzes can ONLY be taken on a school computer or i-pad. 


    On the rare occasion, Social Studies or Science homework may be provided.


    Thank you for your continued support at home!