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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Toni Sylvester

 Back to School PPT 2018

Grade 8 SLC Leader

Prep Club meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Available during 4th period for help - please ask prior so I can be in C22



Welcome to 8th grade English! 

I'm excited about sharing this special time with you and your students.  My plan is to have an exciting and productive year.  As we begin this very important year, the teachers of 8B are planning to make it both valuable and memorable.

My Philosophy

All children are unique individuals with varying interests, experiences and learning styles.  It is my job to bring out the best in my students by motivating, encouraging, and supporting them.   I believe with the help, support, and encouragement of parents every student can achieve success.  Each and every school year I look forward to guiding a new group of students to success.

Behavior Expectations

I have high expectations for the students in my room.  I expect the students to achieve academically to their fullest potential.  I expect students to contribute in a positive manner in my classroom.  The following is a list of rules for my classroom.

  • Be in class on time, prepared and seated when the bell rings.

  • Listen attentively, follow directions, and engage in the lesson.

  • Keep an organized notebook.

  • Ask question when concepts are not clear, request extra help when needed.

  • Be responsible for getting and completing work due to an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal.