Mrs. Lorraine Pasquale

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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Elementary Education Rowan University M.Ed. Marygrove College

Mrs. Lorraine Pasquale

🌷Happy Tuesday from Mrs. Pasquale  

Today’s date is:  6-9-2020    8 days of school left! 

  I will be working at school again today until about 1:00. Office 365 is having login problems so I have only used classdojo today to send assignments. I will respond to any issues after 1:00 today. Thanks for your patience!

📃 Where To Find Your Work: Today you will find your reading/math/ fundations on Seesaw and fact practice on First in Math. 

 🎯 Learning Objectives: 

  • Reading: Folktales and Fairytales-To read for comprehension and fluency 
  • Writing/LAL: response to fictional story 
  • Math: Unit 9 review skills; improve fact fluency for addition and subtraction 
  • Health: Appropriate types and amounts of physical activity to enhance personal health; outside/inside playtime 
  • Fundations- Unit 14 review of skills; current trick words. 

📚Learning Activities: 

  • Reading: - Seesaw: Little Red Riding Hood (15 min) 
  • Fundations/LAL: Practice spelling trick words; take a trick word quiz from mom or dad (10 min)  
  • Math: Seesaw- Identifying coins; FIM (20 min total)   
  • Health: Recess outside or Go noodle workout (20 min) 
  • IDR (quiet reading time) Use any books you have at home for quiet reading time. You could also read books online or read aloud with your family.   
  • Specials- Phys Ed-Go to Mr. Vogel’s teacher page and click on first grade lesson. 


 ***Reading Club-please check Miss Babiowski’s teacher page on the Birches website. 

***Mrs. Olsen will email her students for math suggestions. 

🤩 How I will see/check your work: I will be checking your work on Seesaw, RazKids, and First in Math, whenever they are assigned. 

🗣 How We Communicate:  Please use class dojo or email for questions.  

🌷Good Morning from Mrs. Pasquale Happy Monday-it's June! Today’s date is: 6-1-2020 📃 Where To Find Your Work: Today you may find your activities on Seesaw and First in Math. 🎯 Learning Objectives: Reading: To read for comprehension and fluency Writing: follow up writing for reading assignment; complete maddie's sentence/picture Math: Unit 9 (review skills); improve fact fluency for addition and subtraction Health: Appropriate types and amounts of physical activity to enhance personal health; outside playtime/inside workout ; Positivity Project-Seesaw Fundations: practice reading/spelling words for Unit 14- review skills including words with suffix s, es, ed, ing and current trick words. 📚Learning Activities: Reading: Seesaw- Robin Hill School series Day 3 The Garden Project (level I) -follow directions given on the seesaw post. (15 min.) Fundations: Seesaw-Fundations sound sort (10 min) Writing: finish and post Maddie’s Student of the Week page; please keep this paper to hand in for Maddie to have. Math: Seesaw-review of 3D shapes; FIM facts practice if time (20 min) Health: Seesaw-Positivity Project (20 min) IDR (quiet reading time) Add any books you have at home or online read alouds for this reading time. You may also use Epic online reading. ( my class code is kdc 8539. Specials- Art-Go to Mrs. C’s teacher page and click on first grade lesson. **Mrs. Olsen will email her students for math. **Ms. B. will assign for Reading Club students. 🤩 How I will see/check your work: I will be checking your work on Epic, Seesaw, Razkids, and First in Math, whenever they are assigned. All other work that is completed will be shared/checked when we return to school. 🗣 How We Communicate: Please use class dojo or email for questions.