Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Mary Stewart


        Welcome to 5th grade!  This is a fun and exciting
year, but it will also be a very challenging and busy one!  I will be team
teaching with Mrs.Jennifer Rodrigo for math, Mrs. Megan Olsen for science/social studies, and Ms.Jordan Dobzanski for ELA.  We will be involved in a variety
of activities throughout the year that will enhance learning in all subject
areas. Our Literacy model includes guided and independent reading, writing, vocabulary,and spelling.  We will be using a new ELA program called Wit and Wisdom. 
We will continue to work with the Wit & Wisdom program again this year which
includes both guided and independent writing activities.

       In math, we will follow the Fifth Grade curriculum using the Everyday Math Program and Supplemental materials. We will do whole group and small group activities following lessons.  Some small group activities will be independent, some will be working with a partner, and some will be working with one of the teachers for reteaching, reiforcement, or extra practice. Basic fact practice at home is essential for improving fact knowledge, speed, and accuracy.