Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Rodrigo

Hi parents, step-parents and family members!
Welcome to my teacher page and a new school year! I hope that your child's experience and your experience is a positive and good one this year! Together we can all make the year as best as possible!
This will be my 21st year teaching at Birches Elementary School. I taught 2nd grade for 9 years and 4th grade for 9 years before coming to the Basic Skills MATH Department. I have my K-5 teaching certification, as well as my Master's Degree in School Psychology, Certification in School Supervision, and Certification in Middle School Math. I pride myself in continuously learning about the field of teaching and school supervision, and using the learning to better help your child.
My teaching philosophy centers on creating a classroom and school environment where the children feel safe, happy, and bully-free. I believe by creating this type of atmosphere all children are able to learn more, learn faster, and retain the learning easier. I have high expectations of all my students and I push them to new levels, beyond where even they see themselves as capable of achieving, because I know with the right guidance and help all students can go as far as their minds want to go!
Contact Info:
Phone: 856-232-1290 ex. 3036