Mrs. Tina DePaul

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Mrs. Tina DePaul


Here are the upcoming events for Oct. 2018

Respect Week:  10/1 to 10/5, Teachers will be introducing Growth Mindset, leading up to our OLWEUS kick-off on Friday. On Friday, all students will participate in an interactive tour through the school, using iPads to scan QR codes related to themed bulletin boards.

TWP Tuesdays:  10/2, 10/16, 10/30

Picture Day:  Fri., 10/5

School Anti-Violence Awareness:  10/15 to 10/19, activities to highlight anti-violence strategies will be announced soon.

Family Night:  Tu., 10/16.  No homework will be assigned!

Gr. 2 Husky Award for Respect:  Tu., 10/16, during AM announcements

School In-service:  early dismissal on Thurs. 10/17 @2:05pm

BoxTops:  due Fri., 10/12, please put into bags of 25

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Wed., 10/24 (No School), Th., 10/25 (ED@2:05), Fri., 10/26 (ED@2:05)

Oct Birthday Lunch:  Tu., 10/30

Halloween Parade:  Wed., 10/31 @ 3pm 


Here are the events for Nov. 2018

Disney Spirit Day:  Fri. 11/2

Daylight Savings:  Sun., 11/4

End of MP 1: Wed., 11/7

School Closed:  Thurs. & Fri., 11/8 and 11/9 for the NJEA Convention

School Closed: Mon., 11/12 – Veterans Day

Gr. 2 Husky Award for Responsibility:  Tu., 11/13, during AM announcements

Township Tuesdays:  11/13 and 11/27

Family Night:  Wed. 11/14; no homework!

American Education, classroom observation days:  Thurs., 11/15 and Fri., 11/16

Report Cards:  issued Mon. 11/19

Gr. 2 Thanksgiving Feast:  Wed. 11/21; this is also an Early Dismissal Day (ED@2:05)

School Closed:  Thurs. & Fri., 11/22 and 11/23 for Thanksgiving


Curriculum Notes:

Writing: The children will continue to write about small moments for the Personal Narrative unit. They will generate new ideas, sketch and elaborate, revise and edit, then finally publish and share their pieces during Writing Workshop.  Their writing will be enhanced through the reading of mentor texts to study author's craft, as well as through the study of grammar and structure using mentor sentences from familiar texts.  The focus will be on improving their writing by emulating craft moves of published authors, as well as rereading their pieces through the lens of their audience.

Reading: The children will continue to practice the habits of good readers:  making connections, predicting, visualizing, asking questions, summarizing, and evaluating.  Students will work to improve comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and extending vocabulary.   There will be an emphasis on utilizing talking stems to focus retelling activities, as well as the use of text maps as tools.  Students will work on both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Fundations:  In Unit 3, bonus letters f, l, and s will be reviewed.  The students will work on the 5 closed syllable exceptions (long vowel followed by consonant sounds):  ild, old, ost, ind, olt.  The -oi and -oy sounds will also be introduced.

In Unit 4, suffixes -s, -es, -ed, and -ing will be reviewed.  Vowel teams  (one vowel makes the long sound and the second is silent) and Dipthongs (2 vowels make a new sound that is not long nor short) will be introduced:  ai, ay, oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, and ew.

Math: In Unit 2, the class will be exploring addition and subtraction through number stories and graphic organizers that help them count (ex – frames and arrows & name collection boxes).  In this unit, they will also learn strategies for solving their facts faster (ex- doubles, near doubles, combinations of 10, helper facts, & turn-around facts).

Social Studies:  The next Social Studies unit will review people long ago, focusing on Native Americans and the Pilgrims.