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Mrs. Tina DePaul



Here is what's happening for February 2018:


Curriculum Notes:


Writing: The children will write about familiar topics for the Non-Fiction unit. They will generate new ideas, sketch and elaborate, revise and edit, then finally publish and share their All-About or How-To pieces during Writing Workshop.  Their writing will be enhanced through the reading of non-fiction mentor texts to study author's craft, as well as through the study of text features (such as table of contents, photos/captions, diagrams, glossary/index, etc.) from familiar texts.  The focus will be on improving their writing by emulating craft moves of published authors, as well as rereading their pieces through the lens of their audience.

Reading: We are introducing the class to non-fiction texts this month.  The children will continue to practice the habits of good readers while using text and text features to gain a better understanding of the subject matter.  During conferencing, they will be asked to identify the purpose of the text and find evidence within the text that supports their understanding. Students will work to extend vocabulary and define meaning through context clues and other text features. There will be an emphasis on utilizing talking stems to focus retelling activities, as well as the use of text maps as tools.  Students will continue to work with fiction texts during small groups and independent reading.

Fundations:  In Unit 9, we will continue to focus on the fourth syllable type: r-controlled syllable. When a vowel is directly followed by the letter “r”, the sound of the vowel changes; the vowel is neither long nor short.  The “ar” sound was already introduced; we will work on the “er” sounds with er, ir, and ur spelling patterns.

In Unit 10, we will review the “d” syllable pattern in which a double vowel combination makes a single sound.  Earlier in the year, we introduced these spelling patterns in reading.  During this unit, students will need to decide which spelling option to use for the long a sound:  -ai, -ay, a-e, or open syllable a.

Math:  We will continue working in Unit 5, where students will: find total value of coin combinations, find different coin combinations for the same value, develop mental math skills, use math tools (counters, money, number lines/grids, diagrams) to record mental strategies for adding/subtracting, solve number stories and temperature change scenarios.

In Unit 6, students will:  collect & analyze data for picture and bar graphs, use comparison diagrams to solve number stories, use previously introduced diagrams to plan and solve multi-step number stories, and use the partial-sums addition strategy to solve 2- and 3-digit addition problems.

Science: We are finishing our Physical Science unit on matter and its properties.

Social Studies:  The next Social Studies unit will review how we govern our people and the rights/responsibilities of citizenship.

F.Y.I. – Important Dates to Remember for Feb/March



TWP Tuesdays:  2/6 & 2/20

Jump Rope 4 Heart:  due during P.E. class, week of 2/5

Cat in the Hat visit:  Mon. 2/5

Gr. 2 Theaterworks:  Tu, 2/6

Report Cards Issued: Wed, 2/7

100th Day: Wed, 2/7

Gr. 2 Husky Awards (Self-Control): Thurs, 2/8

Valentines’ Day: Wed, 2/14

Early Dismissal: Fri 2/16, Teacher In-SVC

School Closings: Mon, 2/19 - President’s Day

Family Night:  Wed. 2/21 - no homework!



Dr. Seuss’ birthday:  3/2

TWP Tuesdays:  3/6 & 3/20

Gr. 2 Husky Awards (Sportsmanship):  Thurs. 2/9

Family Night:  Wed. 3/21

Gr. 2 Egg Hunt:  Fri. 3/23

School Closings:  Mon. – Mon., March 26-April 2 (Spring Break)