• 5-21

    Today's HEALTH lesson is an opportunity to play.

    Make sure you read the lessons for today in the Math and Science email! There are some surprises for today.

    **Just as a reminder... several of you have not been opening the previous day's work to check
    for comments, corrections, or instructions to redo, fix, or complete. Please do so. Many of you skipped the estimation part of yesterday's Math and are on hold with an Incomplete for your assignment... please check and fix.

    Today's Special: Gym
    Check out what Mr. Clark has planned for you on his Teacher Page.
    If you have questions, email Mr. Clark at aclark@wtps.org

    Have a great day. Stay healthy. Be helpful!

    I miss you all!

    Students: Our homeroom code word of the day is: 4 day...
    You have to read your Math and Science email to find the second (third) code word for today!
    -Mrs. Piskun

    Art https://sites.google.com/view/missstumpfsstudio/home
    Computers https://www.wtps.org/Domain/3125
    Library https://www.wtps.org/domain/181
    Music https://www.wtps.org/Domain/3063
    PE https://www.wtps.org/Domain/1648
    Spanish https://www.wtps.org/Domain/1309
    Counselor https://www.wtps.org/domain/139 carenz@wtps.org